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Does Your Child Understand the Importance of Zoos in Conservation?

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Every year, a staggering 51 million students visit accredited zoos and aquariums, underscoring their significant role in education and conservation. Capturing this essence, the new book "The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion" by the award-winning duo Larry Belling and Art Twain comes as a timely narrative reinforcing the crucial role zoos play in our society.

Book cover with animals a zoo keeper, veterinarian and a child, titled "The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion"

A Tale of Rebellion and Zoos In Conservation

"The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion" is designed for young readers aged 8-14 and has also garnered accolades from adults. It spins a thrilling yarn about a group of eclectic characters—both human and animal—who band together to save their beloved zoo from the brink of extinction. The story is set against the backdrop of an expanding urban environment threatening the zoo’s existence.

A Rich Tapestry of Characters

The narrative is fueled by a diverse cast that includes Reggie Goodenough, an elderly zookeeper with a gift for communicating with animals, a young and enthusiastic veterinarian fresh from college, and a courageous group of kids from the town of Lincoln. They are joined by a fugitive African teen and a host of talkative zoo creatures, adding depth and humor to the tale. This motley crew becomes unlikely heroes in their quest to thwart a greedy mayor’s plans to transform their cherished zoo into an amusement park.

Educational Yet Entertaining

Brimming with sophisticated humor and packed with fascinating animal factoids, "The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion" is as educational as it is entertaining. It aims to spark an early interest in animal welfare and preservation among young readers. The engaging narrative introduces children to important themes of animal rights and environmental stewardship through a story that is both fun and thought-provoking.

Legacy of the Authors

Art Twain brings a unique perspective to the book, having kept a personal zoo with 26 different animals in his garage during his teenage years. His co-author, Larry Belling, who sadly passed away before the book’s completion, had a prolific career as a writer and producer. Together, they crafted a narrative that is not only a tribute to their creative talents but also a medium to raise awareness about animal preservation. Larry’s wife, Davina Belling, continues to champion the book’s message and is available for interviews to share more about this compelling project.

Support for Animal Welfare

The book does more than tell a story; it supports a cause. A portion of all proceeds from the sales of "The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion" will be donated to organizations dedicated to improving the lives of animals, making each purchase a contribution to global conservation efforts.

Engage with the Adventure

"The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion" promises to be a delightful addition to any young reader’s library and a great tool for parents and educators to educate children about the importance of zoos and animal care. Art Twain, now a custodian of the duo’s legacy, is available for interviews to discuss this vibrant book. Copies are available for review and can be easily purchased via Amazon.

In crafting "The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion," Belling and Twain have left a legacy that entertains and educates, reminding us all of the intrinsic connection we share with the animal kingdom and the importance of preserving it for future generations.


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