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"Kissing Girls On Shabbat": A Mom Embracing Her True Self

In the compelling memoir "Kissing Girls on Shabbat," Dr. Sara Glass details her extraordinary journey from the restrictive confines of an insular Hasidic sect to becoming an outspoken lesbian, mother, and advocate for trauma survivors. This narrative explores her struggles and triumphs and sheds light on the challenges she faced as a mother within and beyond the community.

Author, Dr. Sara Glass professional headshot for her book "Kissing Girls on Shabbat".

Early Life in a Restrictive Community

Raised in the Gur Hasidic sect in Borough Park, Brooklyn, Sara, then known as Malka, was expected to live a life devoted to servitude and motherhood, strictly adhering to the community's ancient traditions. However, deep within, she harbored feelings that contradicted the teachings she received—feelings of love towards another woman, which she was taught to view as sinful.

The Struggle for Her Family and Identity

The memoir dives deep into Sara's life as she navigates two troubled marriages and battles with shame and guilt while trying to protect her role as a mother. The fear of losing her children loomed large as she contemplated divorce and wrestled with her closeted identity in a community where such revelations could have severe consequences.

Breaking Free and Fighting for Custody

"Kissing Girls on Shabbat" follows Dr. Glass's harrowing yet inspiring journey to divorce and the subsequent legal battles to retain custody of her children. This part of her story highlights the resilience and determination needed to break free from oppressive norms while ensuring the well-being of her family.

Motherhood, Advocacy, and Healing

Beyond the personal narrative, Dr. Glass discusses her evolution into a Ph.D., LCSW, writer, speaker, and advocate, focusing on how her experiences have driven her to support others facing similar struggles. Her transition from a controlled life within a Hasidic sect to a free, authentic existence offers valuable insights into navigating motherhood under complex circumstances.

Cover of "Kissing Girls on Shabbat".

Empowering Others Through Experience

Dr. Glass's story is not just about her liberation—it's also a guide to empowering others in similar situations. She provides practical advice for anyone looking to leave an unhealthy relationship, emphasizing the strength and courage required to make such a decision, especially when children are involved.

Her six survival tips, which include being honest with oneself, facing the reality of one's situation, and learning from every experience, are particularly poignant for parents in challenging environments.

"Kissing Girls on Shabbat" is more than a memoir. It's a beacon of hope and a testament to the strength of a mother fighting for her right to live authentically and raise her children in a nurturing environment. Dr. Sara Glass's journey encourages parents everywhere to strive for a life that honors their true selves while fostering a loving, supportive family dynamic.


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