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What Are Some Hallmarks Of Great Parenting?

Updated: May 29, 2020

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The fact that you even visited our content or the fact that you clicked on this post suggests you are a great parent or a great parent in the making. It shows that you care. It shows that you wish to give your child the best you can. No matter if you’re expecting, if you have little tykes running around, if you are adopting or if you’re taking on the children as part of a new relationship, becoming a better parent is always available to you should you seek it. We can always improve. It’s also not something that you ‘complete’ in any capacity as if one or two efforts can ensure this task is done. If things go well, becoming a great parent is a designation that will last you until your final day.

But what are some of the hallmarks of great parenting? We may know what it looks like, but not what it is comprised of. And often, if you hope to aspire to something, learning what it requires is an important task. Let us consider what that might mean Esse Quam Videri ‘Esse Quam Videri’ is a Latin phrase that means ‘to be, rather than to seem.’ Often in many relationships, the mother tends to pilot the majority of the parenting, and dad is the co-pilot. There are also examples of the opposite, dad as the pilot and mom as the co-pilot. Your children need two pilots who support each other, especially when one is tired. If one can’t make it to an important event in your child’s life, the other needs to take up the slack. Being there for your child’s school events, sports, back-to-school nights, school meetings and more is all part of being a great parent. Becoming a great parent means going all-in. You need to be, rather than to seem.

Be Open To Learning We often think that because we are the authority over our children that we always know best. It is important that you learn about yourself as you parent and tailor your output to your children accordingly. Perhaps your child isn’t the angry agitator you think she is, but the real issue is how you actually communicate with your child. When you are open to learning and refining your approach, you can handle many issues and challenges that come along with this parenting journey.

With this advice, we know that you will continue to be the best parent you can be. Keep up the great work!

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